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Minerals and vitamins are essential nutrients because they perform different roles in the human body. Getting enough amount of these is very necessary because deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals can cause chronic diseases.

But too much intake of vitamins, minerals, and supplements can cause harm to you because an excess of everything is bad.

With a healthy diet or supplements, you can get an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins. 

Essential Nutrients for your body

The human body is in the process of producing new cells every time. For this process, the body needs at least 30 essential vitamins and minerals and dietary supplements that make sure that your body is getting enough vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals are used for strengthening bones, healing wounds, and making the immune system stronger. These are also used to convert food into energy and keep you active and fit


Vitamins and minerals are also known as micronutrients because the human body needs this only inadequate amount, but deficiency of this little amount can cause severe problems like scurvy, blindness, rickets, osteoarthritis and many more chronic diseases. 

Benefits of taking Vitamins and Supplements 

Some of the benefits of taking an adequate amount of vitamins are:

1. Stronger bones

A combination of phosphorous, calcium or magnesium with Vitamin D can protect your bones against fractures and osteoarthritis. 

2. Prevent Birth Defects

Taking proper vitamins and mineral supplements like folic acid or Vitamin D can help you to prevent spinal and brain birth defects in young ones. 

3. Healthy Teeth

The Vitamin D and mineral Fluoride helps in the formation of bone and also protects you from teeth diseases like worsening of dental cavities. 

4. Stronger Immune System

Taking the proper amount of essential vitamins and minerals make your immune system stronger and protects you from different infections and diseases. 

Supplements and Safety

According to healthcare practitioners, there is no harm in taking multivitamins supplements inadequate amount each day. But if you have severe disease or you are taking any other medicines, then you should ask your doctor before taking any vitamin or mineral supplement

A healthcare practitioner said,

“Supplements are drugs at high doses.”


Some supplements need extra caution like

· Vitamin A and Beta-carotene 

High doses of Vitamin A and Beta-carotene can cause lung cancer, or if you are pregnant, then it can cause birth defects. 

· Vitamin B12

High doses of Vitamin B12 can cause dizziness, anxiety, or headache. 

· Antioxidants

High doses of Vitamin C or Vitamin E can cause tumor growth, and it led to cancer. 

Tips on taking Vitamins and Supplements

Always read the instruction or ask your doctor about how much supplement can you take in a day. Some of the rules you should follow are:

  • Do not take high doses of supplements, then recommended daily value.
  • Buy supplements from brands which are approved by the FDA or have the seal of approval. 
  • Keep your supplements in a dry and cool place like on your dresser. 

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