Sunshine Nutrition Effervescent Benefits

Sunshine Nutrition Effervescent Benefits

The oral medications like capsules and tablets are used extensively throughout the world. But the solid oral medications like tablets are absorbed by the human body at a very slow rate, and it can cause delayed actions. But this action can be overcome by taking the medications/supplements in liquid form. Effervescent tablets are also available in liquid form and have high absorption rates. 

Effervescent tablets are used to dissolve in water completely. While dissolving in water, it releases carbon dioxide gas which helps to make a homogenous solution and cause quick disintegration

Effervescent tablets offer stability and quick action, and this is the reason people chose effervescent tablets over other medications, supplements and drugs. 

Benefits of Effervescent tablets

There many benefits of Effervescent tablets over regular tablets and capsules. Some of the benefits are: 

1. 100% Bioavailable form

The biggest benefit of Effervescent tablets is that they have 100% bioavailable formulation in contrast to synthetic tablets which have only 10% to 70% formulation because of different factors. 

Regular tablets and capsules dissolve very slowly in the stomach and have slower absorption rates. Effervescent tablets dissolve completely and homogenously in the body; it means you are getting the complete benefit of taking the effervescent tablets. 

2. No stomach disturbance and gentle action

Regular tablets have a slow and partial absorption rate, which can cause disturbances in the stomach like irritation and stomach discomfort. In contrast with that, Effervescent tablets dissolved completely, so they have a gentle effect on the digestive tract and causes no esophageal or stomach irritation. 

3. Hydration

Effervescent tablets used to increase liquid intake in the body, along with many nutritional benefits. With every Effervescent tablet, you will drink a glass of water which keeps you hydrated

4. Delicious Taste

Effervescent tablets are made with sweetener and flavor. When you drink it with water, you will taste better than any other regular tablet. Effervescent tablets are also alternative to beverages and artificial juices. 

5. Daily Nutrition 

You can consume Effervescent tablets anywhere and at any time of the day. You just have to dissolve in a glass of water and drink it.

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